“Korea Western Power Co., Ltd. Conducts an Autonomous Drone Inspection on Hwasun Wind Farm”

Nearthlab conducts an inspection on wind turbine’s blades with Korea Western Power, using the autonomous drone flight system.
[Source : E2 News]

“Nearthlab Conducts AI-powered Safety Inspection with Korea Southern Power Co., Ltd.”

Press release regarding Nearthlab’s successful inspection of KOSPO’s wind turbines
[Source: Nearthlab, Inc.]

“We will win 3-billion-dollar wind turbine inspection market with autonomous drones”

Nearthlab CEO Jayhyuk Choi’s interview, introducing the company, technology and service
[Source: Dong-a Weekly]

“‘Visiting 2018 Korea Energy Show”

Introduction of Nearthlab’s participation in 2018 Korea Energy Show
[eNews Today]

“Nearthlab CEO Jayhyuk Choi”

Introduction of Nearthlab, which is targeting wind turbine inspection market with its proprietory autonomous drone soluton
[E2 News]