Autonomous Drones for Smart Defect Detection and Analytics using Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous Drone Inspection

Drone provides the simplest solution to problems with today’s blade inspection.

Using AI-powered autonomous drones, Nearthlab’s solution can offer completely autonomous, hassle-free blade inspection for all types of wind turbines.

Inspects one turbine (3 blades)
in under 15 minutes

Delivers high resolution inspection data
within 1 day

Prepares inspection report by blade experts
within 1 week

Smart Defect Detection and Analytics Solution

Sourcing pixel-perfect images of blades in no time is one thing, but accurately identifying defects from those images is quite another.

Nearthlab’s Smart Defect Detection leverages the power of AI and big data to detect defects, analyze their type and condition, and offer optimal maintenance recommendations.

Allows easy management of
the entire wind farm

Provides 24/7 access to inspection data and
reports via cloud

Tracks progress and development of
defects over time

About Us

Nearthlab is an autonomous drone company that focuses on using artificial intelligence for blade inspection.

As its name, short for Near Earth Laboratory, suggests, Nearthlab aims to produce invaluable data using drones from near-Earth, just as satellites did from low-Earth orbit.

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