About Nearthlab


Nearthlab, under the vision of “Drone Driven Data,” is developing autonomous drone solution that collects data required at industrial sites in a faster and more accurate way.

Nearthlab is a compound word of Near, Earth and Laboratory. As satellites provided a new perspective from low earth orbit, Nearthlab strives to utilize drones to provide meaningful data from near earth, closer than satellites.

Our Story

Co-founders of Nearthlab, who are graduates from Department of Aerospace Engineering at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), had early interest in applying drones in industry and was developing business opportunities for industrial drones. In the process, they realized that while drones possess potential to collect a new type of data, there still lies technical difficulties that prevents immediate industrial use. Nearthlab started tackling this problem by resolving reliability and automation issues lacking in current drone technology. Now Nearthlab is trying to expand its technology into deep learning based data analysis, which allows for fast and accurate decision making in industrial sites.