AI for Industrial Drones

Reliable, Intelligent, Autonomous Solution for Inspection

Nearthlab provides automated inspection service for industrial facilities using proprietary AI-based autonomous drone solution.

Time and Cost-saving

Inspection is a dangerous and time-consuming task. Nearthlab’s autonomous drones allow safe and fast inspection.

Safety and Convenience

As drones autonomously collect inspection data with just one click of a button, complex manuals or procedures are not required.

Quantitative Analysis

Severity and progress of damages can be quantitatively measured based on high resolution photos taken from a close distance.


“Nearthlab gives a presentation in 2019 Wind Power industry Symposium”

Nearthlab’s CEO Jay Choi, gives a presentation about customized O&M solution in 2019 Wind Energy Industry Symposium.

[Source : EPJ ]

“Nearthlab joined a startup accelerator program ‘Plug and Play Japan'”

Nearthlab joined a startup accelerator program ‘Plug and Play Japan 2019’ in fall batch.

[Source : Platum ]

“Wind O&M company Nearthlab concludes a win-win cooperation agreement with Korea East-West Power Corporation”

Nearthlab participates in win-win cooperation alliance of the venture companies, established by Korea East-West Power cooperation, the biggest power company in South Korea.

[Source : Energy Economy ]

“Nearthlab presents AI research result at ‘Japan Technical Symposium’, an international wind energy conference”

Nearthlab presented the research result of predictive maintenance technology powered by AI at ‘2019 Japan Technical Symposium’, held in Tokyo.

[Source : Energy Economy ]


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