How Nearthlab is Changing Blade Inspection

Nearthlab’s Autonomous Inspection Service can:

Inspect one turbine (3 blades) in under 15 minutes

Deliver high resolution inspection data within 1 day

Submit inspection report by blade experts within 1 week


Nearthlab = NearEarth + Laboratory

Nearthlab is an AUTONOMOUS DRONE company that focuses on using artificial intelligence for BLADE INSPECTION.

As its name suggests, Nearthlab aims to produce invaluable data using drones from near-Earth, just as satellites did from low-Earth orbit.

Autonomous Inspection Process

1. One-button from Start to Finish

Operators simply press “Start” button once to initiate flight mission.

2. Autonomous Flight Planning

AI drone analyzes blades and creates optimal path for full inspection.

3. Precise Data Collection

AI drone maintains close distance from blades and captures high resolution images.

4. Provision of Reports with Expert Opinion

Nearthlab’s Data Analytics Solution provides blade experts’ diagnosis results.

Value Proposition of Nearthlab’s “Inspection 2.0”

AUTONOMOUS DRONE and DATA ANALYTICS SOLUTION provide breakthrough in blade inspection.

1. Increased Profitability

By minimizing downtime for each inspection, wind turbines can generate more electricity.

2.Operational Safety

Inspection workers are no longer exposed to dangerous environments such as having to manually climb.

3. Quantified Decision-making

Location, size and severity of cracks and erosions can be quantified through AI. This allows timely maintenance planning.

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