Nearthlab is commercializing autonomous drone solution for wind turbine inspection, based on the technology it has been developing.


Using Nearthlab’s solution, one wind turbine can be fully inspected in about fifteen minutes according to the procedures as follows:

  1. When the inspector presses the “Start” button, the drone takes off and safely maneuvers to the wind turbine.
  2. The drone recognizes the shape and position of the blades and calculates optimal path to conduct inspection.
  3. Using collision avoidance technology, the drone flies along the blade while maintaining a close distance of about a few meters.
  4. The drone collects location and laser data along with high resolution photo and uploads them to the Data Analysis Portal.
  5. When the inspection is complete, the drone returns to the base and safely lands.

Autonomous Flight Drone

Time and Cost-saving

Nearthlab’s autonomous drones can reduce time for it takes to inspect one wind turbine to around fifteen minutes. They can be a very competitive alternative to manual inspection by humans.


Safety and Convenience

Nearthlab’s solution allows drones to set course and fly autonomously, utilizing artificial intelligence technology. As it does not require direct human intervention, inspections can be done safely and conveniently.


Quantitative Analysis

Necessary information, such as location and size of damages on the blade, can be quantified and measured in exact numbers. In addition, data for the same damage can be collected repeatedly, which allows for progression of damage over time.

Data Analysis Portal

Nearthlab provides cloud-based Data Analysis Portal as a part of its autonomous drone solution. All photos taken by drones are securely uploaded to the server, which can be managed online anywhere, anytime.


Data Acquisition

Data Analysis Portal automatically visualizes the shape of blade by reconstructing photos uploaded by drones. In this process, actual location and size of damages are automatically calculated. Inspectors can utilize this data to analyze and diagnose the blade and enter the type and severity of damages directly into the portal.


Data Management

Using dashboard, inspectors can easily check and monitor status and inspection results of the entire site. In addition, Data Analysis Portal automatically generates inspection reports, which includes current status of the turbine and damages, for download or printing.


Automatic Damage Detection

Nearthlab is currently developing technology that automatically detects and reports damages on the blade straight out of the photos. If this technology is applied, inspectors can easily identify damages and determine whether additional measures are required for them.

Contact Us

Nearthlab has inspected numerous wind turbines with various wind power partners in Korea, and we look forward to creating a more efficient and safer inspection environment with cooperation with more partners in the future.

Please contact us via following link for any inquiries regarding using Nearthlab’s solution or potential partnership opportunities.