Nearthlab is developing autonomous drone software that gathers and analyzes inspection data in various industries.

Nearthlab has capabilities in stable flight control in harsh conditions, autonomous flight based on artificial intelligence, and inspection data analysis through image processing and deep learning.

Flight Controller

Unlike conventional drones, industrial drones are exposed to various environmental factors. Also, industrial drones require a stable flight control system in order to accomplish complex mission objectives.

Nearthlab’s flight controller provides stable flight performance that is suitable for industrial use. It detects fuselage problems in real-time, and guides drones to fly safely even under partial malfunctioning, using multiplexing technology. Also, Nearthlab’s solution provides industrial-level reliability such as protection against water and dust and operability under extreme temperatures.

Flight ControllerIndustrial GradeFault DetectionRedundancy SystemVehicle Health MonitoringFlight Log

Autonomous Flight

With current technology, in order for drones to accomplish complex tasks required at industrial sites, expert human pilots are required. Nearthlab is developing a new autonomous flight technology that allows drones to accomplish tasks on their own, without assistance from human experts.

Nearthlab’s collision avoidance technology based on deep learning and sensor fusion technology, object tracking technology based on deep learning, and ground control systems solution for real time autonomous flight control are core technologies for autonomous drones.

Mission based Autonomous FlightCollision AvoidanceDeep Learning based GuidanceGround Control System


Payloads that are specialized in drones are required in order to acquire precise inspection data. Nearthlab has technological capabilities to design and build software and hardware that are necessary for drone-based inspection.

Nearthlab’s technology can miniaturize optical/thermal camera according to the payloads’ size, and precisely measure distance between the drone and the inspection object. Nearthlab’s solution can automatically detect the object’s defects by applying image processing and deep learning technology to the data gathered by such technology.

Inspection PayloadCrack Detection